Pink Himalayan salt is a special type of rock salt that originates from the Himalayan mountain range in northern India and the Himalayan province of Nepal. It is a well-known medicinal salt with its distinctive pink colour that is suitable for a wide variety of uses. Himalayan pink salt is rock salt extracted from the High Himalayan mountains of northern India and is now popular worldwide for its many health benefits. The salt is used as a popular food additive in salt form to substitute refined table salt and is used for cooking, baking, as well as for spa treatments and decorative purposes. Himalayan Pink salt also known as Pink Salt or Himalayan pink crystal salt is chemically engineered to have an electrical charge that repels bacteria and does not allow the salt to crystallize. This makes it ideal for use as a natural colon cleansing agent.

Himalayan pink salt has no artificial preservatives, colouring, or flavours and is very low in sodium. It maintains the right ion balance of the body to produce a wide range of positive health effects such as pain relief, immune support, and cardiovascular health. Himalayan sea salt or kosher salt is derived from seawater and has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide range of conditions and heal wounds. Although kosher salt contains trace amounts of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, Himalayan salt has more beneficial minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus.

Himalayan salt may be purchased online, at natural food stores, and through various other outlets. There are two types of salt regular and Himalayan. Regular salt may contain sodium chloride, whereas Himalayan salt contains trace minerals that are good for your health. Regular salt contains trace amounts of sodium and Potassium, whereas Himalayan salts contain no sodium chloride. Therefore, when you compare Himalayan salt with regular salt you may notice a significant difference.

When shopping for food at a restaurant, it is best to purchase them from a reputed retailer such as Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe's, or Campbell's. These retailers are considered to be experts when it comes to the suppliers of Himalayan pink salt. These retailers also ensure that the products are fresh and do not come from mines that may have dangerous issues. Moreover, you will also be able to purchase them at the lowest possible prices from these retailers. Many of these retailers cater to the dietary needs of special groups of people including diabetics and vegetarians.

The salt lamps are one of the many uses of Himalayan salt. There are many Himalayan salt lamps available in the market and lamps made of this salt are popular among all. This is because the salt has a unique property to maintain a consistent temperature very easily. Due to this property, lamps using this salt can be used to cook food in as little as 15 minutes, whereas conventional salt lamps require constant heating for food to retain its heat.

With the rampant development of the mineral resources in the country, the salt industry has boomed in the country. Although many countries throughout the world have taken up mining for different natural resources, Pakistan has stood the test of the popularity of the Himalayan pink salt. The demand for the salt increased tremendously after the massive mine was opened in the mid-1990s. This further compelled the government to take up the mining process as well.

The most important aspect of the mine lies on the environmental impact it would have on the surrounding areas. Although a majority of the mined areas are located close to rivers and streams, it would still leave a significant impact on the surrounding area. The mining of the rock salt would result in an environmental disaster. Allowing the mines to open up would also pose a threat to the environment. Many rivers and lakes would be completely destroyed and would cause serious pollution to the surrounding areas.

Mining for Pink Himalayan salt in Pakistan has caused a great deal of controversy, as many people are against the method of mining used. This is because of the numerous negative effects that the method of harvesting will have on the environment. However, with stricter laws in place on mining and using the salt, it is possible that the number of people mining for this salt will drastically reduce in the near future.