Often people wonder about the different types of floor tiles, and how they could know which option to choose for their homes. 

We’ll talk a bit here about some of the more common types of tiles and their characteristics, so you can make a wise choice about what you want to consider in the next tile project.

Marble, granite and travertine will be one of the most preferred floor tiles, available in several configurations, including rectangular floor tiles in smaller or larger dimensions. 

In recent times, glass floor tiles have been trending and if you find more information about glass floor, click here

Glass tiles also resists stains, mold, and non-porous. Some care is required regarding maintenance in case of spills and stains. 

Porcelain tiles, or ceramic tiles, is a very hard substance. Porcelain tiles come in either glossy or unglazed, and will likely cost more than just the ordinary clay variety of tiling.

Glazed tile is a type of ceramic tiles heated to high temperatures in a sort of kiln. This results in a layer similar to the look of glass. These tiles often carry a high recommendation because they are sealed by heat to make them resistant to water and easy to clean.

You can choose the best tiles from a huge range of variety. Quality wise almost all products are recommended.