Commercial construction refers to any type of construction project that will result in a commercial property, rather than residential or industrial properties. This can include buildings such as warehouses, hospitals, and shopping centers, as well some types of reconstruction or refurbishment of historical buildings.

A single commercial construction company may not be able to oversee all aspects of the creation and completion of commercial properties.

Commercial construction

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Because commercial properties are not meant to be full-time homes, the rules and regulations that apply to commercial properties are different from those for residential properties.

To construct a commercial property or to adapt an existing residential property to become a commercial one, you will need to obtain planning permission. If you require special planning permission, you must obtain it before any physical work can be done. Otherwise, the owner could be forced to undo or remove all of the work that has been done.

There are many types of commercial construction companies. Certain construction companies can only be contracted after they have received planning permission and all necessary surveying has been completed at the site where construction is to take place.

These companies will follow the architectural blueprints that have been approved by outside investors. Another type of commercial construction company will manage the entire process, from conception to completion. They will either have designed and funded it themselves or they will be contracted by private investors.

Commercial construction companies are responsible for part of the safety and health of the people who use the commercial property.