Gerald Holubowicz - Founder of Chewbahat Storytelling Lab, President & co-founder of Storycode Paris - Transmedia and idocs


Media Innovation | Photojournalism | Storytelling

Founder of Chewbahat Storytelling Lab,
Co-founder of Storycode Paris

I create and produce transmedia stories & interactive documentaries
when I’m not teaching new media techniques and media innovation.

Currently based in Paris



I’m the founder of Chewbahat Storytelling Lab, a Paris based multimedia production and publishing company that focuses on creating interactive documentaries and developing transmedia storytelling. I’m also the co-founder of Storycode Paris, a series of conferences about new media innovation, transmedia and interactive productions .

I’ve been a professional photojournalist for more than 10 years for various world renown photo agencies such as Laif, Polaris images or Abaca in France and in the U.S where he lived for about 5 years. You can check part of my work here.

I’m also the lead author and co-director of the Moneyocracy Project (watch it on vhx), Director & developer of the Good Night and Good Luck Remix as well as the co-director of Maux de Presse (featured in the Mozila Popcorn.js demo page).

Since early 2008, I focus my work on issues related to interactive documentaries and transmedia storytelling. Since 2013, I teach new media techniques and media innovation in different schools such as the CFJ, Science Po Paris, Science Po Annecy, INA, CEFPF and others.

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